Nordic Spirit Watermelon and Other Sweet Flavours

Strawberry: Each pouch gives the taste of luscious, sweet red strawberries.

Elderflower: Nordic Spirit Elderflower, has a sweetness that brings to mind summer days.

Mocha: Each pouch has notes of caramel and vanilla.

Watermelon: Flavoured to resemble the sweet, refreshing, juicy taste of fresh watermelon.

Nordic spirit Formerly known as Berry Citrus, these pouches are flavoured with a mixture of bergamot, but with the addition of wild berry notes. 

All Nordic Spirit pouches have a base note of bergamot. This was added to give the Nordic Spirit pouches to give it a flavour similar to that of traditional snus. The variety of flavours on offer is refreshingly different. Instead of sticking to the usual mint-based flavours, Nordic Spirit has branched out to include some interesting and unique flavours to their range, including Bergamot Wildberry and Mocha.  The range of flavours on offer provides enough variety to keep these pouches interesting.

nordic spirit

Nordic Spirit Ingredients

You might be pleased to know that Nordic Spirit products are vegan. The main ingredients in Nordic Spirit pouches are nicotine, a vegan fibre base, and flavourings. The nicotine used is tobacco-free and the flavourings are food-grade (generally used in the food industry. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches also have a gum base and plant-based fillers in small amounts to make the pouches more comfortable to use. Each pouch will also contain some minerals (commonly used in baking) help to lower the acidity of the pouches.

How to Use Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches couldn't be easier. Nordic Spirit pouches come in slim or mini sizes - the mini dry pouches are smaller than the slim ones, making them more discreet. Whether you're using slim or mini Nordic Spirit pouches, they are used the same way. 

Quick Steps on How to Use Nordic Spirit:

Step 1: Place the pouch in your mouth.

Step 2: Move it to between the upper or lower lip and gum.

Step 3: There maybe a tingling sensation.

Step 4: Enjoy the experience for up to 30 mins.

Step 5: Remove the pouch and dispose of it (either in the lid of your can, or in the bin).